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  • 4 Class B (Style B) Initiating Circuits which may be configured as 2 Class A (Style D) circuits.
  • 2 Class A/B (Style Z/Y) Indicating Circuits with individual trouble indicators (1.25 Amps max. per circuit.)
  • Each Indicating Circuit can be configured as Silenceable or Non-Silenceable. Audibles may be configured as Steady, Temporal Code, California Code or March Time
  • Selectable Alarm Verification on Initiating Circuits
  • Output for 4-wire resettable regulated smoke power supply of 24 VDC 100mA maximum
  • Output for RTI or Remote Annunciators of 24VDC, 300 mA max, unfiltered
  • Built-in Walk Test operation
  • Auxiliary relay contacts for Common Alarm, Common Trouble and Common Supervisory. If no Supervisory circuits are enabled, the Supervisory relay becomes a second Alarm relay.
  • 2.75 Amp Power Supply
  • Easy configuration via DIP switches


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