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camera taiwan DVR-HD560

120 degree HD vehicle recorder
HD Vehicle Recorder
120 degree view angle for wider view
5MP digital camera can interpolation to 12MP by software
Li-ion battery
HDMI cable or output to PC or TV
SD card up to 32GB (we recommend class 6 above HCSD)
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120 degree HD vehicle recorder
TGenius has launched a new product vehicle recorder is the DVR-HD560 which has a HD video recorder /30 fps with 2.5” panel. This device lets you record everything happening in case there is an emergency so you can provide evidence as a reference.
DYou can install DVR-HD560 on a dashboard or windshield to easily record video of road situations and for insurance purposes, security surveillance, and for recording anything that happens in front of you. The IR light can take videos in the dark and adjusts to light change quickly. The HD 1280×720 resolution video recording with H.264 compression file to record a high performance videos to be an evidence when thing happened. In the other hand, when the device is not set up inside of car, it can be a regular camcorder or digital camera for you to take video and photos. 
DVR-HD560 is the perfect digital vehicle recorder for anyone who travels a lot and would like to store video of traffic in front of them.

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