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Camera bẫy ảnh 4k thương hiệu nổi tiếng BUSHWHACKER

*** Main Features:

  • 16 Mega Pixels image size
  • 1080P@30FPS video with sounds
  • Nine Patch Image Viewer
  • Supporting 64GB SD memory card
  • 80 degree PIR Sensor Angle
  • 0.5 seconds trigger time


*** Main Features:

  • 16 Mega Pixels image size
  • 1080P@30FPS video with sounds
  • Nine Patch Image Viewer
  • Supporting 64GB SD memory card
  • 80 degree PIR Sensor Angle
  • 0.5 seconds trigger time

*** Our sales highlights:

  • Extensive OEM/ODM experience
  • Tailor-made services
  • Fast delivery
  • Technical support
  • Remote upgrade
  • Professional pre-sales consultancy

1)     Programmable 3/5/8/12/16 Megapixel High-quality resolution.

2)     1080P@30FPS Full HD video comes with sounds.

3)     In “Camera+Video” Mode, camera takes both pictures and video at every trigger event.

4)     42pcs IR LEDs, Set 20pcs LEDs available in power saving mode; 850nm/940nm LEDs optional.

5)     Impressively quick trigger time (0.5 seconds).

6)     Build-in 2.4″ TFT color screen to review images and videos.

7)     Locking important image to avoid being deleted.

8)     Take multiple consecutive pictures up to 6 photos.

9)     In PIR Interval setting, the camera does not shoot the same object multiple times.

        This feature can be used together with Timer feature to meet your timetable.

10)   In Interval setting, the camera automatically and constantly takes pictures/videos at specified interval.   It’s very useful when observing plants flowering, birds building nest, or when monitoring unattended           properties such as parking lots/yards. This feature can be used together with Timer feature to meet               your timetable.

11)   When Timer setting is turned on, programmable to only work in specified period every day.

12)   Auto Power Off in 1-10 minutes whiles no keypad controlling.

13)   Date, time, temperature and moon phase can be stamped in the pictures.

14)   7 Operation Buttons, Beep Sound on/off available.

15)   Free Choice of TV out at PAL/NTSC.

16)   Support SD Card up to 64GB.

17)   Extremely long in-field battery life (in standby mode, up to 6 months with 8 AA batteries)

18)   Alarm light flashing when battery power level goes low.

19)   Playback Zoom in 1-8 times.

20)   Nine-rectangle-grid mode to view images.

21)   Auto play in “Slide Show”.

22)   Device Serial No. setting enables you to code locations in the photos. This helps multi-camera users identify the location when reviewing the photos.

23)   Lockable and password protected.

24)   Color pictures at daytime, monochrome pictures at night, switched automatically.

25)   SD card can be set in “Cycling Save” mode, which automatically deletes the earliest photos or videos and makes room for new ones.

26)   Gear-looking make camera easy to fix firmly.

27)   Battery covers to avoid erosion from battery leakage and potential damage from the camera being accidentally dropped.

***Technical Specifications

Item      Parameters

Picture Size        

3MP: 1536×2048;

5MP: 1944×2592;

8MP: 2488×3264;

12MP: 3024×4032;

16MP: 3480×4640

Video Size           VGA     640×480

WVGA  800×480

720P    1280×720@30fps

1080P  1920×1080@30fps

Work Model       Day/Night

Lens       FOV=90°, F=2.4, Auto IR-Cut

IR Setting             42 LEDs;850nm or 940nm

Power Saving     On/Off; 20pcs LEDs available when choosing ON

LCD Screen         2.4˝ TFT, RGB

Operation Keypad           7 Keys

Beep Sounds      On/Off; Choose Off to turn off the sounds made by pressing the keys.

Memory              SD Card (≤64GB)

PIR Level              Low / Normal / High

PIR Sensing Distance       65 Feet/20 Meters

PIR Sensor Angle              90°

Trigger Time       0.5 Seconds (when using 2GB SD card)

PIR Interval         3 Seconds~60 Minutes, Programmable

Interval 3 Seconds~24 Hour, Programmable

Shooting Numbers          1~6 Photos (1~3 Photos available when choosing 16MP)

Protect Image    Lock Current, Unlock Current; Lock All, Unlock All

Video Length     5 Seconds~10 Minutes, Programmable

Camera+Video  First take Picture then Video

Playback Zoom  1~8 Times

Slide Show          3 Seconds/5 Seconds/8 Seconds, Programmable

Multi-Image Show           Nine-rectangle-grid mode to view images

Loop Recording On/Off

Stamps On/Off, Temperature, Moon Phase, Logo, Time and Date

Timer 1 On/Off, Programmable

Timer 2 On/Off, Programmable

Password            4 Digit Numbers

Device No.          4 Digit and 26 Alphabet set by yourself

Power Supply    4xAA; Expandable to 8xAA

External DC Power Supply            6V/2A

Stand-by Current             0.4mA

Stand-by Time   3~6 Months (4×AA~8×AA)

Auto Power Off Auto power off in 1~10 minutes while no keypad controlling;


Power Consumption       200mA (+700mA when IR LED lights up)

Low Battery Alarm           4.8V

Interface             TV out, USB, SD card slot, 6V DC External

Mounting            Strap; Tripod Nail

Waterproof        IP66

Operation Temperature -22~+158°F/-30~+70°C

Operation Humidity        5%~95%

Dimensions        148×99.5×81(mm)

Weight 325g

Certification       FCC&CE&ROHS


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