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Chuông báo cháy

  • Motor driven type alarm bell
  • High sound output with low current consumption
  • High durability
  • Low RFI noise
  • Drip-proof type avaiable
  • Lead wire connection
Mã: FBM023/FBM023-D - FBM023Z-D/FBD011 Danh mục:

Chi tiết:

  • The NOHMI s fire alarm bell provides a highter level of sound with a hight efficiency and a lower level of RFI noise. FBM023 and FBD011 fire alarm bells are not compatible with the Automatic Testing Function (ATF) of the NOHMI analog addressable fire alarm system, since these alarm bells are not polarized
  • FBM023-D and FBM023Z-D bells are compatible with both NOHMI ATF analog addressable and conventionnal fire alarm systems.
  • It is recommended that fire bells are installed so that the sound level at any place is higher than 65 dB or higher than 6 dB plus the ambient sound la

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